Security protection

Security protection is about protective measures aimed at preventing crimes that threaten national security, such as espionage, sabotage and terrorism. Combitech offers expertise and services that cover this entire area.

Security protection is relevant for authorities, companies and other organizations affected by security protection legislation. Security protection involves protection against crimes that may threaten the nation’s security, protection of confidential data relating to national security and protection against terrorism.

Establishing security protection that is fit-for-purpose requires a security analysis to define areas of the business requiring protection and to analyse the threat situation. This is followed by an assessment of needs regarding entry restriction, information security and security clearance for employees. Regular staff training and self-checks are prerequisites for successful security protection work.

Combitech has been working with authorities and defence for many years regarding all security protection needs. We apply well-defined and tested methods, complemented by industry-leading laboratory and testing resources and extensive training operations. With over 40 years’ experience and more than 200 specialists based in ten locations across Sweden, we are well-equipped to assist our customers with analysis, planning, implementation and continual work regarding security protection.

Certifications: EC/ITSEF, ISO/IEC 9001, 17025, 27001

Service areas

  • Security analysis, including threat analyses, impact studies and vulnerability analyses
  • Training and exercises in crisis management
  • Robust communication solutions and management centres
  • Information security
  • IT security
  • Physical protection