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Security creates opportunities


How often are you really and truly sure about something? Sure that the right person is receiving the right information? That a technical solution works as it should? That you are prepared when the unanticipated occurs?

At Combitech, there is one thing we are convinced of – that security has become a competitive advantage. And perhaps this is why it has gained increased significance for each day that passes.

As Sweden's largest consulting firm in the field of security, Combitech is involved with and leading development in fields such as information security, telecommunications, system security and system development.

With a unique combination of expertise in technology, the environment and security – and experiences from such disparate sectors as aviation and defence, banking and finance, the public sector and industry – we can significantly shorten ramp-up times for your projects.

But not just that. Our range of services in the field of security also extends the entire way from qualified operational development to development of advanced technical systems.

To put it simply, if you want to be really sure, we can provide entirely new capabilities.

Cyber Security Information security built on competence, control and continuity
Risk Management When risk become opportunities
Incident and Crisis Management Preventing an incident from developing into a crisis
System Safety Safety approach must be taken from the start
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