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Mechanical engineering


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Combitech, mekanik 

Our skills in mechanical engineering are far reaching


Electical and mechanical engineering 

Combitech has considerable expertise in hull and structural modelling, mechanic installation, tool design, electrical installation and electrical engineering. Our engineers have extensive experience from development in branches with major demands on safety and reliability. They are experts in the use of several CAD and electrical engineering tools.

Technical calculations

Our consultants work with static strength analyses, FEM analyses, fatigue and mechanical failure analyses. They can conduct flow calculations, thermal calculations as well as calculations in aerodynamics and acoustics. Some examples of the tools we work with are MSC Patran, MSC Nastran, ABAQUS, ANSYS, Matlab and Simulink.

Combitech, mekanik


Combitech, mekanik

Production technology

Our consultants are knowledgeable in NC programming, robot programming and pre-production engineering, both with conventional and 3D-based tools. We also assist in planning manual and automated production lines, and can even offer geometric, flow and assembly simulations.

Combitech, mekanik


Efficient product development

We have methods for making your product development process more efficient with regard to for example, design, construction, production and after-market activities with intelligent solutions and smart tools (such as PLM – Product Lifecycle Management). Some of the services we offer are implementation, project management, method and process development, training and support.

Combitech, mekanik

Processes and systems

Our process and system engineers are skilled in general system design, preparation of system descriptions, various calculations and configuration of components. They take full or partial responsibility for documentation of installation and commissioning instructions, as well as testing and maintenance instructions for development and maintenance of facilities.



Combitech works with development of quality and operational systems, both in the development process and in production. Our consultants conduct quality coordination of fault follow-ups, fault reporting and experience feedback, quality development of production operations and coordination of inspections and audits.

Verification and testing

Our experience from testing and verification of mechanical constructions supports you in quickly finding strengths and development potentials in your products and facilities. We use established tools and methods for handling testing and product requirements as well as for reporting fault data.


We shorten development time and reduce downtime in your automation systems. Our expertise is in design, programming, testing and commissioning of programmable control systems. We offer systematisation of system information, PLC applications and application development with various tools


Combitech, mekanik

Project management

Combitech offers effective project management in all areas. Our undertakings extend from serving as a supporting function in smaller projects to all-embracing undertakings for larger and complex projects. The needs of the client always constitute the starting point, and we utilise both tailored and general project methods based on the operational requirements.

Combitech, mekanik

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