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A mixture of competencies
We have the ability to develop customised technical logistics solutions through our unique mixture of competencies. We do this by combining advanced expertise in logistics and purchasing with cutting-edge technology at Combitech.





Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management is all about understanding the whole picture – how things are connected and affect each other in a flow. By optimising the flow of products and information, the level of service and quality can both be improved. What is more, this frees up capital and increases profitability. We have the competency to review the whole or parts of flows, but can also provide expertise in various roles within Supply Chain Management on site at the client's premises.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
Combitech has broad experience in the development and maintenance of complex products, mainly within the aerospace and defence industry, but also within other industries. Our consultants within Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) work with complex technical systems during all phases of the product life cycle – from concept development to phasing-out. Our services, which are based on a holistic approach, aim to increase the customers' profitability.


Purchasing, supplier relationship management and development
Combitech offers qualified consultants who endeavour to achieve profitable business from a total cost perspective. They have the expertise and the tools to analyse, carry out and improve the cooperation between customer and supplier.

Logistics relating to software
Combitech has broad and in-depth knowledge about logistics relating to software as well as how to manage third-party software applications, licences and certificates in a cost-effective manner. In addition to providing expertise in various roles, we can optimally build parts of or the whole logistics flow relating to software and third-party software applications.

Project management
We work with project management, planning and coordination in all types of projects – everything from development projects to administrative projects. Our consultants often represent the link between design, production and purchasing or between IT-systems and operations. They proceed from the needs of the customer and apply tailor-made as well as general project methodologies based on the demands of the business in order to achieve an efficient flow.

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