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The developments we are seeing in telecom influence all aspects of our way of living. It began rather slowly with expansion of the landline telephone network. Now after the widespread acceptance of mobile telephony, we are seeing that our way of living has changed in a number of ways. Thinking back, it is hard to imagine how any enterprise could function without being connected to the Internet.

Technically, the telecom sector is the fastest growing, both in the form of complexity and when it comes to the increase in new functionality. Combitech has been involved in the telecom sector since 2005.

The world-leading companies in telecom, which are also our clients, distinguish themselves through highly professional operations and cost-effective development. Through creativity and the capability to take the initiative, Combitech has developed successful concepts for efficient development. This in combination with our unique training methods has resulted in our HomeShore™ concept. 

Besides development projects, Combitech also offers consulting services within various fields of expertise, such as project management, system management, system development, system integration and software logistics.

A vision, which is shared by several major suppliers of telecom systems, is that by the year 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected. This is an attractive area for Combitech since it combines our know-how in telecom and engineering. These connected systems can often contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and consequently, telecom can be an effective tool for safeguarding our environment.

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