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Combitech provides qualified consultancy services in the areas of safety-critical systems, mechanical design and calculation. Our consultants are mainly active in Sweden, but also in the aviation industry in the rest of Europe.

To retain our competitive edge as the aviation industry evolves, we must continually maintain our position at the forefront of technology and our capability to offer our clients flexible solutions – both nationally and internationally. We have extensive experience and our consultants participate and have leading roles in several projects.  

In our collaboration with Saab Engineering Consulting, we have gathered more than one-hundred skilled developers from our various fields of expertise so as to assure constant access to and flexibility of resources and skills for development of aviation systems, primarily the Gripen fighter. 

Most working in this sector are engineers or people with equivalent training and experience.

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Tommy Andersson Business Area Manager, Aviation, R&D
Phone: +46 13 18 95 00
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