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Emission Security Lab


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Emission security

All electronic equipment emits electromagnetic signals. When the signals contain confidential information, emission security becomes necessary. With the right know-how and equipment, these signals could otherwise be captured to recreate and interpret the original information.

Operations at Combitech's emission security lab focus on inspecting equipment that is designed for handling confidential information without risk of the information becoming known to unauthorised persons. The lab is in Växjö and is the only one in Sweden that is designated and approved to conduct assessments and measurement assignments, with the results forming the basis for decisions on approval of systems and equipment. At the lab, there are three screened rooms with associated peak performance instruments. Because many of the norms and regulations regarding emission security are produced and developed at the lab, substantial knowledge of the field is available there.

Mobile emission measurements
Besides verified measurements of smaller devices, the lab offers the capability to conduct mobile emission security measurements and dampening measurements on for example, buildings, ships, aircraft, motor vehicles and containers. There is also the capability to receive support in the design of these, primarily through placement, material and material selection. In the development of new equipment, the lab can provide support throughout the entire development process – everything from requirements specification to inspections of deliveries regarding emission security. A portion of the inspections can entail test measurements of a number of randomly selected units in a delivery. Support can also be provided in planning installations, where above all, inappropriate placement of various systems and incorrect installation can cause undesirable effects. Support in conjunction with matters related to TEMPEST can also be provided. TEMPEST is NATO's and the EU's equivalent to Sweden's emission security standard, RÖS.

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