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MSS 2.0


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MSS 2.0 by Combitech

MSS 2.0 – Cyber security with built-in business benefits

Business as usual? Not these days. In our connected world new business opportunities crop up continually – just as new threats do, in the form of sophisticated attacks that can hit a business hard. Combitech will help you meet these new cyber threats by strengthening your security and your business from the inside. The solution? MSS 2.0. A new way of thinking.

An MSS double offer

Traditional MSS is primarily about technology and surveillance. This is as important as ever, of course, but to meet tomorrow’s challenges two additional things are needed:

PROACTIVE ORGANISATION is about building up fundamental security in an organisation through knowledge of its own assets, as well as training in identifying risks, preventing problems and managing incidents that can threaten the core business.

EFFECTIVE MONITORING is the general label for the continuous surveillance and analytical work to assure that the company’s business-critical assets are protected in an optimal way – around the clock, year-round.

Säkerhetsövervakning, MSS - Combitech


Competence, control, continuity- Combitech

MSS adds value to your business


Competence. With increased knowledge in an organisation, both employee engagement and security consciousness take a larger place. Security becomes a natural part of all work.

Control. The combination of technical and organisational preparedness, together with a correct analysis of events, creates control. This also increases the business’s ability to understand the surrounding world, and to prevent, detect and handle threats before they develop into incidents and crises.

Continuity. Early and correct handling of incidents reduces the risk for operational interference. Business processes are assured and in the long run the potential for profitable business increases.

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