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Powerful combination capabilities


As a Combitech client, you have so much more than a mere service provider. We offer our clients powerful combination capabilities through access to our wide expertise and a number of specific and creative concepts in the form of testing and development environments, as well as products.

It can be a matter of us performing tests of everything from electromagnetic interference in heavy battle tanks and aircraft at our antenna measurement site to durability testing of protective ear muffs and ear plugs in our accredited audio lab. In our Reality Labs, we visualise solutions with our clients as early as possible to attain a common picture of what we are to achieve. Additionally we utilise unique products for information management and identification of faults in products.

Our Concepts
MSS 2.0 Cyber security with built-in business value
Secure IT When you want to maximize business benefits and minimize risks.
IP Lab Testing and development environment with training capabilities
Antenna Measurement Facility Located in Arboga in Sweden
Uptime Comprehensive solution for your product information
Engineering Trollhättan A long-term development partner
Reality Labs Creative environment for realising projects faster and more cost effectively
JidokaQ Agile approach in small, cross-functional teams
Audio Lab Accredited audio lab
Encryption shop Quality assurance of encryption equipment
Emission Security Lab With focus on inspecting equipment designed for handling confidential information
HomeShore™ Outsourcing - but on home ground
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